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Happy Wednesday I hope that your week is off to a great start. Can you believe that its already March? I'm so over this cold NewYork weather hopefully warmer days will be approaching soon as we wait in anticipation of spring. I had such an awesome time in the house of the Lord on Sunday that I just had to share. I was just so moved by the testimony of what God is doing in the life of his people.  Instead of the usual sermon, we were shown a movie.

The movie was titled "Mully". My first thoughts were it's not really a catchy title but boy oh boy did it have me in tears. The movie was about a man named Charles Mully, who grew up in Kenya and was abandoned by his family at the age of six. Left alone in a poverty-stricken country to fend for himself. No family, no friends, no money or education his only method of survival became begging and stealing. Having no one to guide him he labeled himself a "street boy" which is pretty much a thug.

Just when he was at the point of contemplating suicide I believe he was about 16 now he was approached by a stranger who invited him to a church where he would learn about God and surrender his life to Christ.  Now you tell me that God isn't an on-time God. It was only Gods hand that kept him. Imagine being six years old and living in the streets on your own for almost 10 years and the very day when he decided to give up on life God sent someone to tell him of the good news. Okay back to the story...After he left the church that day he made up in his mind that he was gonna make something of his life. No more begging and no more stealing. 

By foot, he decided to head to the capital of Kenya which is Nairobi. The trip took him about three days. Once there he began to knock on the first door he saw, not knowing the stranger on the other side would change his life. He was given a place to sleep, food and a job, nobody but God. Within weeks of working, he was promoted to a manager overseeing the work of hundreds. Having this job allowed him to save money and begin to build a life for himself. It was also where he met his wife and would later become the father of 7. His life began to change drastically, he became the owner of Mully's bus service and several other businesses which would soon turn him into a millionaire. 

Living a life many would think was complete until one day he went to a business meeting and he was approached by some street boys who reminded him of himself. It was then that he made a vow to never work for money again. Everything he had worked so hard for he gave it all up for his true calling which was to save the orphans of Kenya. Night after night getting in his car and driving around picking up abandoned orphans and bringing them back to his home and giving them a new start in life until there was no room left in his house. Six facilities later Mully Children's Family has changed the lives of thousands of children in Kenya.

When the movie was over Mr. Mully himself came out and spoke to the congregation, such an encouraging man of God. He reminded us to walk by faith and how important forgiveness is. He shared how he decided to forgive his parents for what they had done to him. He even went and searched for them, found them and opened his home to them.

Isn't this an awesome story. I will try to insert the movie trailer. I share this message as a reminder to trust God. Choose faith over feelings. Sometimes we have to endure some uncomfortable circumstances but oh the reward for those who trust him. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.(James 1:12)
As you go through your week don't forget to share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone, you never know it just might change their life.

Stay Blessed & Unbothered,

Roma : )



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